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The Entrepreneur Boot Kit

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You can start your very own fun fashion business!

The Entrepreneur Boot Kit Includes everything you need to get your business started, including sizing kits, marketing materials, your first year's annual website fee, and other tools that will enable you to promote your product and gain customers!
  • 1 Sample Boot In Every Style and Size (23 Boots)
  • 2 1/8" Insole Kits (12, 1/8" thick insoles to accompany your Sample Boots)
  • 1 BootTop Sizing Kits (6 sample BootTops covering every size and 6 different styles)
  • 1 LMB Measuring Tape (1 Retractable cloth measuring tape for sizing your customer's calves)
  • 1 Fabric Booklet (A different fabric swatch for every faux leather and reversible material used for our BootTops)
  • 25 Order Forms
  • 25 Product Booklets
  • 25 Boot Party Invitation Postcards
  • 10 'Join Our Team' Brochures
  • 10 ‘Host a Party’ Brochures
  • 1 Year Annual Website Fee (Includes your unique URL and access to your back office)

(*The primary purpose of Sizing Kits is to allow customers to test the sizing and feel the exceptional comfort of our products. There may be slight aesthetic differences in our boots, SandaLs, BootTops, and StrapSets compared to the samples in your Sizing Kit, but the differences will not affect the fit or comfort. This will enable your Sizing Kits to always fulfill their purpose.)

*Please include the full name of the LMB Representative who referred you to Llynda More Boots.
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