Boot Sizing Kit

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Our Boot Sizing Kit includes six boot samples…one boot of each size (sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) and includes at least one of each of our four heel styles. Although the picture shows all black boots, we will try to include one grey and one brown boot in your kit if they are available. If they are not available, you can order fabric swatches of grey and brown faux leather along with your kit so that your customers can see and feel the color and texture of the fabric. The kit also includes 6, 1/8” additional insoles (one in each size) so that customers can have options for a tighter or looser fit when trying on the boots.

The purpose of this Sizing Kit is to allow women to try on boots to determine their correct size. Boots that come in a Sizing Kit are not meant for resale and are to be used for sizing and displaying to customers. Occasionally, we may include boots with slight aesthetic imperfections in a Sizing Kit which will in no way affect the sizing of the boots. This will allow us to preserve perfect boots for your customers. The maximum number of sample boots a Representative can purchase is one left and one right in each size for every style. We cannot guarantee what colors will be available for samples.

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